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Did you ever wish for some hands-on advice by experienced product leaders in your daily work? Attending conferences is great, but what if you could keep learning throughout the year choosing condensed workshops and coaching sessions that kick in right where you need it without overpaying for long and standardized courses?

There are so many ways to end up in product management, but only one way to really master it: by continuously refining your skill set. This is why we launched our Product Academy. We help create truly learning, responsive and people-centric organizations by empowering product people to explore their full potential.

Renowned trainers and coaches from companies such as

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We are whole-hearted, strongly believe in experential learning and like to surround ourselves with like-minded passionate people. If you are an experienced product leader, join our team of trainers and mentors.


Tanja Lau

Founder of Product Academy

After co-founding and scaling start-ups in Madrid, Munich and Zurich, Tanja launched Product Academy to combine her experience in product management with her passion for life-long learning. She is running Product Academy part-time to make sure she is able to spend enough time with her two kids.

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Happy Customers

Upon meeting Tanja, the participants, and a few mentors/coaches at our kick-off, I had a extraordinarily positive feeling about the Women in Product program. This has been confirmed though very rewarding session, open exchanges with participants/trainers, Tanja’s wealth of knowledge and connections, as well as very valuable sparring with my Mentor and Coach. I’ve left every workshop and mentoring session feeling more knowledgable and inspired!

Zara Hegemann

Product Owner at Digitec Galaxus - Participant of "Women in Product 2019"

I am inspired by Tanja's dedication, energy and enthusiasm for making this programme available for us. As soon as the workshop day finishes, I am already looking forward to the next one.

Agnes Szeberenyi

Product Manager at Product Management Festival - Participant of "Women in Product 2019"

One of the best boosters I ever had for my career. The insights and network I gained are priceless! Thanks, Product Academy

Fran Fischer

Product Manager at Oyster Lab - Participant of "Women in Product 2019"

I experienced Tanja from Product Academy as a very honest, focused and incredibly skilled coach. Working with her allowed me to understand my potentials and to systematically work on my skill set as a Product Owner. I had the impression that she understood who I am and how I work within minutes, being able to provide me with hands-on tools to expand my abilities. Her empathy combined with her in-depth experience in product management make her an amazing coach. A coach I fully trust.

Paulina Lewandowski

Product Owner at Freeletics