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Kristina Walcker-Mayer

Kristina brings 11 years of digital experience to her current role as CEO at Nuri, an online bank based in Berlin. At the beginning of her career, Kristina worked as Mobile Consultant and Account Manager for Aperto Move and icon mobile, building up mobile strategies and creating innovative mobile solutions for major clients in the retail, television, NGO and automotive industries. Before taking over the product leadership in the Loyalty team of Zalando, she led the browse & shop & find team for Mobile Apps at Zalando, delivered customer-centric solutions and drove the mobile mindset within Zalando’s various departments. After that she joined N26 as product lead where she was involved in working both on the product as well as on the product organization. Besides her passion for building products, Kristina hosts her own podcast “emploYAY” that challenges us to rethink employment & purpose at work and showcases role models with nonlinear careers & new work approaches. Kristina holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration.

Teacher courses reviews

Loic-Product Discovery

Lecture was really interesting with couple of technics and tools to apply. Kristina was eager to share her experiences and illustrated the course with concrete examples.

Franziska-Product Discovery

The product discovery workshop with Kristina gave me some world-class insights and a lot of inspiration for my project and personal development.

Zara-LevelUp! Mentoring

Upon meeting Tanja, the participants, and a few mentors/coaches at our kick-off, I had a extraordinarily positive feeling about the Women in Product program. This has been confirmed though very rewarding session, open exchanges with participants/trainers, froms wealth of knowledge and connections, as well as very valuable sparring with my Mentor and Coach. fromve left every workshop and mentoring session feeling more knowledgable and inspired! (Product Owner at Digitec Galaxus, Participant of LevelUp! 2019)

Agnes-LevelUp! Mentoring

I am inspired by the trainers' dedication, energy and enthusiasm for making this programme available for us. As soon as the workshop day finished, I was already looking forward to the next one.

Fran-LevelUp! Mentoring

One of the best boosters I ever had for my career. The insights and network I gained are priceless! Thanks, Product Academy (Product Manager CoachHub, Participant of LevelUp! 2019)

Cecilia-LevelUp! Mentoring