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Upskill your product team with us!

As product leader you have lots of topics on your plate. Upskilling every single member of your product organization is almost impossible. We are here to help!

Maturity Assessment

With a mix of surveys, individual interviews and document review we are able to provide a condensed feedback on your team's maturity.

In-house Workshops

Many of our courses are availble as in-house trainings - remotely or in-person. Save money by offering an in-house class for up to 20 people!

Team Coaching

Help individual PMs or your entire team grow with tailored coaching sessions by experienced product leaders.


We provide consulting and sparring for product leaders regarding their product org, personal growth & more.


Are you looking for an inspiring talk? We are happy to provide speakers for your next event.

Team Events

We are happy to moderate your team offsite or offer fun sessions like improv theatre at your team event.

In-house Courses

A small selection of topics we cover

Hypothesis-Driven Product Management

Hypothesis-Driven Product Management

Learn how to frame and test your riskiest assumptions in a strategic way.

Outcome-Driven Product Roadmaps

Outcome-Driven Product Roadmaps

Move away from feature lists and start creating impact with outcome-driven roadmaps.

Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Learn how to find problems worth solving and how to conduct useful user research to find product-market fit.


Jobs-to-be-Done in Practice

Learn how to apply the framework of Jobs-to-be-Done to uncover your user’s needs and move towards a more customer-centric and product-led organization with better interview and listening skills.

OKRs in Product

OKRs in Product

Learn more about setting useful and outcome-driven goals in your product org and find out how to avoid common pitfalls when it comes to implementing OKRs in product.

Economics 101

Economics 101

We’ll teach you important economic concepts, including cost of delay, reading a P&L, thinking about NPV and more.

Happy Customers

testimonials from past in-house projects

``Working with Product Academy has helped us gain a valuable and unbiased perspective on our current maturity. We were able to identify important actions to improve our organizational setup, working environment and to enforce empowered product teams.``

Daniel Käser

CPO of Migros Online

``I attended the Hypothesis-Driven Workshop with my team. Thanks to the mix of theory and practical exercise, I significantly strengthen my knowledge on how to structure hypotheses - from ideation and prioritisation to testing the hypotheses with the highest value for the business. I highly recommend this workshop to every product team. Since this training we require every team to start their work based on hypotheses and not on ideas.``

Tiziano Nessi

Product Manager at

We had the chance to take part in Tanja's remote workshop on 'Hypothesis-Driven Product Management' with our entire product team. It offered a great mix of theory and practice and gave us the chance to improve our existing hypotheses. The workshop laid the foundation for us to start working in a more hypothesis-driven way in our day-to-day practice. Thank you, Tanja, for this valuable experience and for sharing your insights.``

Mark Waber

CEO of Puzzle ITC

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