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Maturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment


Tanja Lau


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A health check for your product org
Benefit from a fresh outside perspective with our Team Health Check. A unique combination of prep call, online survey, selected interviews and document reviews will help the entire product organization
  • create a shared understanding of the status quo and current challenges
  • highlight best practices and celebrate the teams’ strengths
  • identify starting points for useful upskilling initiatives

Who is this for?

Product leaders who would like to get a better feeling for the status quo of their product org as well as inspiration for useful upskilling.

Product teams who would like to get external impulses for their continous development.

What is included?

    • tailored online survey for up to five product teams
    • survey for leadership team (Heads of Product, Product Leads, VPs, CPOs)
    • external structural review of artefacts from each team
    • up to 2 calls with PM team members or leaders, if needed, for clarification of survey insights
    • pre-reading with main findings
    • debriefing call

When and where?

This is an online in-house assessment that can only be booked by product teams. If you are interested in taking your product team to the next level, feel free to get in touch and we will gladly create a customized offer for you.  

Course Language

This maturity assessment can be offered in English or German.      

Our Main Teachers

Tanja Lau

Gründerin der Product Academy

Mit der Gründung der Product Academy verbindet Tanja ihre Leidenschaft für kontinuierliches Lernen mit ihrem beruflichen Hintergrund als Product Leader. Als Gründungspartnerin von Start-ups in München, Madrid und Zürich hat sie wertvolle unternehmerische Erfahrungen gesammelt, die sie in ihren Kursen und als Speaker bei verschiedenen Anlässen weitergibt. Zuvor war sie als Senior Consultant bei Unic […]

Price : CHF

Max Availability : 40

Difficulty : all levels

Location : online

Typology : English