Zara Hegemann

Zara Hegemann

Zara Hegemann

Product Owner at Digitec Galaxus (Zurich)

Hi! I’m Zara. I’m a Product Owner at Digitec Galaxus, the largest Swiss online retailer, and work in our onlineshop product development. I was one of the lucky participants in the first edition of LevelUp! in 2019 and participated in the LevelUp! Leadership in 2023.


At work, I especially enjoy challenging and hopefully improving processes, working collaboratively with Devs & UX, and bringing a fun data-informed mindset. I love anything related to secondhand, travelling, and documentaries.

Courses I took: LevelUp! & LevelUp! Leadership


Nationality: US-American & Finnish


Languages I speak: English (native) and German (pretty fluent, other than der-die-das 😉)


Fun Fact: I really love fun facts. Moderating my first refinement in 2019, I used fun facts for an icebreaker as a newbie PO. 5 years later, I still fun facts them to warm-up every refinement and share a quick insight about our users.