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Tania Forshtadt

Tania leads two products at Dexter Energy - AI Powered Forecast and Renewable Trade Optimization startup in The Netherlands, focusing on Trade optimization for renewable energy clients for the spot and intraday energy markets in Europe. Positively contributing to solving the climate crisis has been a passion for a few years and she is completely thrilled to have joined clean tech in November 23 and to be able to bring her product skills to this exciting field and keep on learning every day. Previously, Tania was a Group Product Manager at Booking.com where she has built from 0 the Consumer Fraud Product department which consists of six ML/AI product teams, over the nine years. She managed five direct reports, whose experience ranged from juniors to principals including people managers. In 2018 together with other colleagues Tania launched a To Product Mentorship Program for colleagues from adjacent crafts that were interested in shifting to product - the mentees are being matched with a mentor or a coach and are following a learning program including a hands-on project with an engineering team. At the end of the process the mentees are being prepared for an interview. In the past years over 10 Product roles were successfully staffed and some of our mentees have reached senior positions in the organization and outside.   Following her coaching passion Tania has followed the fundamentals of coaching training (120 hours) in 2022 and is continuing her education while coaching individuals in product and in the climate space and sometimes both. She has worked, studied and lived in Russia, Israel, The US, Switzerland and now is based in The Netherlands. She speaks English, Hebrew, Russian and limited Dutch and Swiss German (that one she must practise with her toddler sons as it is their father’s tongue).  

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Zara-LevelUp! – PM Skills

Upon meeting Tanja, the participants, and a few mentors/coaches at our kick-off, I had a extraordinarily positive feeling about the Women in Product program. This has been confirmed though very rewarding session, open exchanges with participants/trainers, froms wealth of knowledge and connections, as well as very valuable sparring with my Mentor and Coach. fromve left every workshop and mentoring session feeling more knowledgable and inspired! (Product Owner at Digitec Galaxus, Participant of LevelUp! 2019)

Agnes-LevelUp! – PM Skills

I am inspired by the trainers' dedication, energy and enthusiasm for making this programme available for us. As soon as the workshop day finished, I was already looking forward to the next one.

Fran-LevelUp! – PM Skills

One of the best boosters I ever had for my career. The insights and network I gained are priceless! Thanks, Product Academy (Product Manager CoachHub, Participant of LevelUp! 2019)

Cecilia-LevelUp! – PM Skills

Super Kurs mit tollen Vortragenden, unterhaltsamen und lehrreichen Klassen und Hausaufgaben und tollen Networking-Gelegenheiten. Empfehlenswert fr alle, die neu im Product sind oder viel mit dem Produktteam zusammenarbeiten oder sich für die gngigen Tools und Methoden interessieren. (Director of Marketing at Scout24 Schweiz)

Christine-LevelUp! – PM Skills

I just completed the Level Up course from the Product Academy. I've learned so much valuable skills that I directly can apply to my job as a Product Owner. It was a combination of Mentoring + Coaching and classes. The Product Academy offers a network of experienced product people from around the globe that will help you develop your career the way you want it. For anyone thinking about signing up: Do the exam as well. It gives you another opportunity to learn and apply the knowledge you just gained. (Product Owner at Crowdhouse in Zurich)

Elisenda-LevelUp! – PM Skills

Amazing experience with product professionals from many different areas. I did the Level Up! Edition in 2021 and have learnt way more than expected! I really recommend it to everyone starting their career in Product!

Michal-LevelUp! – PM Skills