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Philipp Krehl

Philipp is a passionate Product Manager by profession with a strong product sense and a penchant for human-centered product development. Currently, he is working as Senior Product Manager at Zalando SE, where he drives new product development starting from product discovery to implementation and scaling. Prior to Zalando, Philipp worked as Product Manager for Lovoo, responsible for monetization, and Opera Mediaworks, responsible for the development of innovative advertising formats. Philipp holds a Master`s degree in Business Informatics, which helps him to understand technology capabilities, market and user needs to envision digital solutions at scale.

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Sebastian-Jobs-to-be-Done in Practice

This workshop made the transition from theoretical knowledge to its application in practice seem easier than ever before!

Florian-Jobs-to-be-Done in Practice

Philipp provided valuable insights and tips on why, when and how to do JTBD interviews in practice. I really liked the interactivity of the workshop and the opportunity to conduct interviews and get feedback right away.


Jobs-to-be-Done in Practice

CHF 490


Location : Berlin

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