Build – Measure – Learn. It all sounds so simple in theory. Yet, so many of us are trapped in some sort of feature factory. This online course is focused on one of the hardest and most valuable skills in product: asking smart questions, framing them as hypotheses and deciding which experiments and opportunities to pursue. Learn more about how to uncover risky assumptions and set your team up for successful dual-track product management of discovery and delivery. We will discuss how to work with hypothesis on a daily basis, how to trigger relevant decisions and how to contribute to transforming your company into a learning organization. Our homework assignment and pre-reading material will help us maximize the value we create in class.

Who is it for?

Product managers, product leaders (like Head of Product, CPOs) and other product people interested in escaping the feature factory and finding product-market fit by asking the right questions.

Key Takeaways

  how to write useful hypotheses how to prioritize hypotheses by dealing with risk and assessing opportunities how to set up dual-track discovery and delivery how to choose the right experiment for your hypothesis  

What we will achieve

  Acquire a systematic framework for working with hypothesis-driven product management Heighten your awareness of the importance of asking the right questions in the right way Learn how to improve your team setup Discuss ways to work towards building a learning organization

Outcome-Based Roadmapping