Petriina Piuhola

Petriina Piuhola

Petriina Piuhola

Head of Digitalisation, OEKO-TEX (Salzburg)

Hi! I am Petriina. I found myself interested in product management early on during my studies and have now worked with several products at seven different companies from start-ups to corporations. I am especially familiar with the non-tech company landscape, their digital products, such as apps, connected hardware and web applications. I ‘d love to support you with everyday challenges you face as a PM, finding your own career path in product and general life coaching if desired, as it is something I am passionate about on my free time.

Courses I took: LevelUp! and Coaching Fundamentals


Nationality: Finnish


Languages I speak: English, Finnish, Swedish and some German


Fun Fact: I was looking to return to Silicon Valley for a product internship, but found myself in Salzburg and in love with the mountains instead.