Lukas Fuchs

Lukas Fuchs

Lukas Fuchs

Principle Product Manager at Liiva (Zurich)

I’m Lukas, Principle Product Manager at Liiva, a FinTech Startup dedicated to helping you budget smartly. When I’m not immersed in the world of finance, you’ll likely find me embracing the wind on my twin-tip kitesurfing board, tearing up the trails on my mountain bike, or soaking in the beauty of nature with my loyal dog by my side. I thrive on the balance of flexible work, sports, and a bit of hands-on craftsmanship.

I’m a Swiss native based in Bern but frequently working from Zürich. I’m particularly fond of the product-market-fit topic and bring over 5 years of experience in product management to the table. I earned my MSc in Business Administration and took a detour to California for an MBA adventure.

I kicked off my career as a business liaison in the pioneering data science team at die Mobiliar. Our mission? Harnessing the power of AI in insurance, growing the team to a formidable 40 members.


For the next chapter, I navigated a joint venture between die Mobiliar and Raiffeisen, aiming to create Switzerland’s first homeowner platform. Despite a couple of years of hard work, our monetization plans hit a roadblock, leading us to pivot. Since mid-2023, we’ve been on a journey developing a budgeting solution tailored for young couples striving to achieve their life goals.


Excited to be a part of this companion program, I’m looking forward to sharing insights, learning, and connecting with fellow enthusiasts!

Courses I took: LevelUp! Leadership


Nationality: Swiss


Languages I speak: English and German


Fun Fact: As a fun side project, I transformed a post van into a camper – not for the love of travel, but simply for the joy of tinkering.