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OKRs for Product People

OKRs for Product People


Alexandru Bleau


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Alex was amazing. Great host, offered tons of helpful information, really knows his OKR, and seems to be an overall great person. Plus your digital alternative really worked. Kudos!

Learn how to make OKRs work - including 50 min individual coaching!

Building products by using agile principles is an effective way to grow a business.

There's no shortage of frameworks helping us to structure our development processes this way. But all too often, we tend to focus on merely producing more output (aka features) more quickly without considering the actual impact our products need to have in our user's behavior. Yet we know that clarifying the higher reasoning behind our efforts is one of the most powerful ways to ensure that we build what truly matters.

Therefore, we need an agile goal setting system like Objectives and Key Results (OKR) which not only helps product teams to focus on outcome over output but which also enables true autonomy for them to build the best solutions.


Where & When?

  The next course date has not been set yet. Please contact us if you are interested in joining the next edition! We are offering this workshop remotely via zoom and will ensure there is plenty of time for interactive exercises in virtual break-out rooms, since our class size is limited to 8 participants. In addition, every participating company is entitled to one individual remote coaching sessions with Alexandru Bleau (50 min). This will give you the possibility to ask all specific questions in private and to ensure the transfer of your learnings to your individual context.  


Who is it for?

  • Product Managers, Product Owners, Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches who need to solve challenges between OKR and product processes after a company wide OKR implementation.

Key Takeaways

  • Set of tools and templates to use with your teams in order to make OKR more effective
  • Frequent questions and pitfalls when implementing OKR
  • Tips on how to achieve higher quality OKR
  • Tips on how to make everyone think about their OKRs and make it a habit to consider them when prioritizing work.
  • What roles come into play when defining, driving and delivering team OKRs

What we will achieve

  • Learning about proven tactics from our own first-hand experiences.
  • Be aware of the main risks and issues when adopting and trying to implement OKR
  • Understand where and how to improve the way your teams are using OKR
  • Understand  some of the ways to make OKR work with other agile frameworks
  • Understand key issues that can appear when adopting OKRs

Hands-on exercises

  • Refining your existing OKRs
  • Group exercise: Design the individual processes together with other attendees.
  • One free individual coaching session (50 mins) included!


All participants will receive a Product Academy Certificate for this course.    


CHF 590 One free individual coaching session (50 mins) included! For team discounts and in-house options, feel free to get in touch. 


As soon as there's one participant enrolled who is not speaking German, the entire workshop will be held in English. All the slides and materials are in English anyway.  


There will be a 1 hour lunch break which can be spent alone or online with the group.

Our Main Teachers

Alexandru Bleau

ex Head of Alternative Monetization at Trivago

Alex is a seasoned product manager with over 8 years experience. He has worked on or built advertising products, online services, mobile apps and games and physical, educational and travel products. He’s also had the chance to experience working at companies with 2, 20, 200 and over 1000 employees, trying out various ways of working, […]

Price : 590 CHF

Max Availability : 12

Difficulty : all levels Beginner Expert Intermediate

Location : online

Typology : English