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She was very supportive during our sessions and was ready to answer all my questions. We discussed several topics from the workshops and she always told me her honest point of view. She shared what she did during her work and I could learn a lot from them. She gave me a lot of recommendation regarding my job search and my career prospects. I enjoyed every session with her, she always made my day! I am fully satisfied with her work as a mentor and I could highly recommend her for other participants as well. Thank you very much, Isa! :)


I had 2 really really good conversations with Isa about my career planning and she gave me very valuable insights and also confidence in myself. This was really eye-opening for me.

Isa is supporting our mentoring program LevelUp! as mentor and coach to help us foster diversity in product.  

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Isa Steiner started her career in R&D as a research Engineer after her Computer Science studies. In 2008, she joined as an Engineering Director. After spending some years in technical leadership positions, she restarted her professional life as a human centered design consultant at Swisscom and eventually took over the PO position for the […]

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