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Ace Your PM Interview

Ace Your PM Interview


Nesrine Changuel


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Are you looking for a new PM opportunity? Do you need help and advice on how you crack this upcoming PM Job interview? Advance your product expertise with this course led by a professional with over a decade of experience at top-tier tech firms like Spotify, Google, and Microsoft. Immerse yourself in extensive knowledge, gain valuable insights, and advance in your career by mastering essential PM skills highly valued by leading companies. Engage in discussions centred on authentic PM interview questions to refine your expertise. Explore strategies to boost your chances of landing a position, learn what managers look for in recognition and promotion, and receive guidance on identifying the ideal company and role based on your skills and aspirations. This course is built around real-life cases, providing an insider's view on PM interviews ranging from Associate Product Manager to senior PM roles. We will explore an up-to-date list of interview questions covering a spectrum of areas including product sense, behavioral, analytical, execution, and more. You will be in good hands, Nesrine participated in various PM interviews both as a candidate and as an interviewer. She will explain her thoughts and strategies during her Google, Spotify, and Microsoft interview processes.  

Who is this workshop for?

  • Aspiring PM: you want to transition to PM from another role.
  • Early Career PM: you have been in a PM role for 1-5 years and you want to level up.
  • Experienced PM looking to your next product people management role.
  • Founders and PMs at Startups: you want to know how best companies hire for product roles. 

What we will achieve

  • Earn Trust. Learn where most job opportunities are found, how to network effectively, and how to prepare your resume to get noticed and stand out.
  • Create a career plan to transition to PM and accelerate your product career. Get familiar with the product community of practice and create a clear learning habit.
  • Get familiar with top frameworks that will help you ace your next product interview with confidence and structure. 
  • Prepare and ace your PM interviews: we will cover a variety of product interviews and will practice real interview case study.
  • Bonus: There will be plenty of time for questions and real-life examples.

Where & When?

  • September 27, 2024 - 13.00 - 17.15 p.m. CET
  • The workshop takes place remotely via zoom.



The price of CHF 350 (excl. 8.1% VAT) includes your online workshop and useful prep work that will be sent out before class. In addition, you will receive a digital hand-out after class.   

Hands-on exercises

  • One homework assignment 
  • working on real examples of interviews
  • Option for individual mock interview

Individual follow up Mockup interview  

To maximise the value of this course and help you ace your next PM interview, you can set up an additional individual follow-up mockup interview (60 minutes, remote). That way, you also get to ask all the questions that might have popped up following the course. If interested, we will contact you to set the specific date for your individual follow-up. The follow-up individual mockup is available for CHF 250 and includes 30 minutes of Mockup interview and 30 min of feedback. It can be booked in addition via email once you have been accepted for the course.   

Course Language

The entire workshop will be held in English. All the slides and materials are in English.   ENROLL NOW!

Our Main Teachers

Nesrine Changuel

Senior Product Manager at Google

Nesrine ist eine leidenschaftliche und erfahrene Produktmanagerin. In den letzten neun Jahren hat sie weit verbeitete Consumer-Produkte weiterentwickelt mit einem Fokus auf strategische Initiativen, die tief verankerte Aspekte der Mediennutzung in einfach zu nutzende und nützliche Features einfliessen lassen. Derzeit arbeitet sie als Senior Product Manager bei Google, wo sie für die Erhöhung der Produktivität […]

Price : 350 CHF

Max Availability : 6

Difficulty : Beginner Intermediate

Location : online

Typology : English