Charizze Wong

Charizze Wong

Charizze Wong

Product Manager at Hapimag (Zurich & Zug)

Hi! I’m Charizze, PM-ing at a holiday apartment business with 56 destinations across Europe, with a history in sporting goods e-commerce and tech startups.

My passion for product is driven by the art of connecting the dots between user insights, market dynamics & technological feasibility, all while balancing product goals with business needs (+ seeking the fun in our work ;D). I also strongly believe in, and have witnessed, how the power of compelling narratives helps to bridge communication gaps and align diverse teams. It makes complex ideas accessible and brings everyone around shared priorities and vision.

Let’s connect & exchange stories. I’m excited to share my practical tips, to support your LevelUp! & product journey.

Courses I took: LevelUp! & LevelUp! Leadership


Nationality: Swiss & Hong Kong


Languages I speak: English, Cantonese, Mandarin & German


Fun Fact: I saw a poster with Matterhorn in a metro station, it stole my heart and led me to Switzerland.


Locations: Zurich, Zug, & in my van