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What Exactly is Digital Transformation?

Having studied Comparative Literature, I am not a fan of buzz words but rather fancy crystal clear expressions. However, when trying to explain one of my focus areas – empowering companies to live up to their full potential in the digital space – it is hard to avoid using the term “Digital Transformation”. That is why I feel it might be useful to share a couple of thoughts on that topic:

Martin Eriksson is coming to Zurich! – Sneak Preview on our upcoming ProductTanks on Product Leadership

In November 2017 I took the opportunity to launch the new ProductTanks in Bern and Zurich as part of the global network of ProductTanks created by Mind The Product. Since then, Pia, Dominique and I have launched several events in both cities covering topics like Growth Hacking, OKRs, Artificial Intelligence and Growing Up Lean. The last two events have been part of the World Product Day which spanned over 90 events worldwide bringing top speakers and interesting topics to product managers all around the world.