Floriane Gramlich

former CPO at Zalando (Payments)

Floriane is a senior product & commercial tech savvy leader with broad international experience in product management, strategy, growth, business development & analytics (17+ yrs work experience). Floriane is currently starting her own freelance and consultancy practice to support people and companies in getting better in doing product management. Before, she served as CPO/Director of […]


Benedict Marzahn

Head of Product at Alasco

Benedict is a product manager with many years of leadership and strategy experience. After more than 10 years in the digital industry and positions at large companies such as the German media group STRÖER and the international comparison portal CHECK24, Benedict is now Head of Product at PropTech start-up Alasco and responsible for the development […]


Oliver Oechslein

Head of Product at Flexcavo

Dr. Oliver Oechslein is an innovative, ambitious and accomplished product leader, digitization expert and coach. Throughout his career he has enjoyed building products, staffing and leading empowered teams and collaborating with cross-functional groups of stakeholders. He has also thrived in roles where he served as an agile evangelist and mentor. Currently, Oliver is serving as […]


David Nydegger

CPO at Oviva

David is a versatile product leader with over 15 years of experience in building and scaling digital products and business models. After graduating from University of St. Gallen, David started his career in technology consulting and then moved on to become a co-founder of the tech startup Localina. Having exited the startup to local.ch (Swisscom) […]


Chiemela Ogu

Senior Product Manager at Hexad GmbH

Chiemela (Chimex) is a product manager who thrives at the intersection of human behaviour, business and technology. He is always delighted to build products that users love and are happy to use. He has built and managed highly visible consumer products for the past six years. Chimex is currently a Senior Product Manager at Hexad.de, […]


Daniel Käser

CPO at Migros Online

Daniel is a product leader with clear goal to maximize the team’s impact, by creating a best-practices, modern and product-centric product development organization that builds products that users love. He’s currently the CPO of Migros Online, where they have built a new product organization from scratch with a new vision of a digital supermarket that […]