Jyoti Bhatia

Technical PM at Facebook (Meta)

Jyoti has 15+ years of product experience and carried out over 500+ interviews throughout her professional career. She has coached 200+ candidates toward success, working as a strategic product and technical product manager in multiple technology companies like Microsoft, Facebook (Instagram) and security focused organizations with a passion for solving critical business problems. She is […]

Katarina Lechner

Head of Product at Archlet

Kat has over 10 years of experience in bringing successful products to life and leading product and BI teams in fintech, proptech and procuretech (365.bank, Crowdhouse, Archlet). She enjoys spending time with the customers, understanding their feelings and turning complex problems into powerful and simple data products. She loves the learning process and as her […]

Antonia Landi

Product Operations Consultant & Coach

Antonia is a Product Operations Consultant & Coach, and one of the top voices in European Product Operations. She’s a firm believer in enabling product organisations to achieve Product Excellence with the power of Product Ops – whether as an independent function or a shared responsibility. A leader in her field, she’s on a constant […]

Cor Strobos

Product Manager at Uber

Cor studied Sports Management, but in 2016 decided to give tech a try when starting a job at Booking.com. Having tried a few roles, he ended up in an operational role which required him to work with Product Managers. That eventually led to his (still growing) passion for Product Management. The road to product then […]