Zara Hegemann

Product Owner

Hi! I’m Zara. I’m a Product Owner at Digitec Galaxus, the largest Swiss online retailer, and work in our onlineshop product development. I was one of the lucky participants in the first edition of LevelUp! in 2019 and participated in the LevelUp! Leadership in 2023. At work, I especially enjoy challenging and hopefully improving processes, working collaboratively with Devs & […]

Miroslav Remias

Senior Product Manager at Product Board

Miro Remias, despite holding a degree in electrical engineering, spent the last 15 years working on digital products in content, brand and product management spaces. He started his career in customer care enjoying various technical roles from where he transitioned to department leadership roles. However, his passion to deeply understand customer needs led him to […]

Ali Dogan

Product Manager at Just Eat

Ali is working as a Product Manager at Just Eat Takeaway, with a primary focus on automating processes and providing tools for the internal customer services department. Before transitioning to the role of Product Manager, he assisted product teams in adopting and improving agile practices as a Scrum Master for several years. During this time […]

Vipul Agarwal

Head of App Product at Trivago

Vipul has been working in B2C product roles for the past 10 years. He brings in expertise in growing mobile App products in diverse sectors, notably travel tech products such as and currently, Trivago, where he is leading the App product. He has a wide breadth of experience spanning both sides of the marketplace across organizations […]