Angela Senoner

Angela Senoner

Angela Senoner

Senior PM Marketplace Solutions at RaiseNow (Zurich)

Hello, I’m Angela. After starting my career in Direct Marketing, I have found my true passion in developing products for good. I’m currently working on creating disruptive donation solutions to enable charities and changemakers to make even more positive impact on the world. Next to my job, I’m active in animal protection and support smaller charities. I love leveraging my professional skills for volunteering and bringing back insights from the charities’ daily life to my work.

I can support in empowering you in your position as a product manager, in creating your ideal work environment, and provide tips for your daily work challenges. Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked in several team setups with different sets of responsibilities as a PM. Since I’ve spent a significant part of my career working on platform/B2B2C products, I can especially support you in dealing with setups involving several highly different customer segments. Looking forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Courses I took: LevelUp!


Nationality: Swiss


Languages I speak: Swiss-German, German, English


Fun Fact: I’ll always try to pet every cat I meet. With their consent of course.