Anastasia Lomakina

Anastasia Lomakina

Anastasia Lomakina

Head of Product at Bonial (Berlin)

Hi, I’m Anastasia, originally from Russia but really more of a Berlinerin, since 2013.

Some years ago I decided to switch from finding bugs (QA) to making products — because why just report problems when you can create something?
I’m leading a team of talented Product Managers in Bonial where we work on building the internal tools to simplify, automate, and accelerate our business. I will be happy to provide support in product fundamentals, setting up processes in the team and product strategy.

In my free time I’m passionate about travelling and dogs, although it’s usually one or the other. So on vacation you’ll find me climbing mountains or in philosophical talks with my dog.

Courses I took: LevelUp! and LevelUp! Leadership


Nationality: Russian


Languages I speak: Russian, English


Fun Fact: I will rather travel for a day or two by train than take a plane.