Alexander Bachelor

Alexander Bachelor

Alexander Bachelor

Saas B2B Product Manager at Sherpany (Zurich)

Hey there! I’m Alex, nice to meet you! Originally from Zurich, I started my career with a commercial apprenticeship. Looking for a bit more excitement, I became a flight attendant, which allowed me to explore the globe and connect with countless great people. Along the journey, my fascination with information technology grew and I wanted to deeper understand how these data packages travel from A to B.

After enrolling for my IT courses, I also desired to work in that field which brought me to Sherpany. After working in various different teams I ended up in product management for which I am wholeheartedly enthusiastic about ever since.

Courses I took: LevelUp!


Nationality: Swiss, British


Languages I speak: Swiss-German, German, English


Fun Fact: My lastname originates from a TV show. 😉