Product Academy Salary Report

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This excel file contains the cleaned raw data of the 501 responses we received for our Product Academy Salary Survey 2023. You will be able to filter the results to conduct your own analysis for relevant job titles, countries, company size etc.  Enjoy!



Three things are challenging when looking at typical PM salary overviews:

  1. Most Average salaries don’t provide enough information. Without knowing e.g. the min/max range and median, it is
    hard to deduct any useful insights from an average salary.
  2. Titles don’t mean a thing. Even if you are lucky enough to find salary overviews based on PM job titles, this does not help a lot – unless you know how many direct reports these people are leading, how much experience they have etc.
  3. No transparency on how the survey was conducted. How representative are the values really? Are they based on two samples or 200? Who took part in the survey? PMs (should) love data. That is why we decided to publish the entire raw data for you to look at each data set in its full context.

That is why we conducted an extensive salary survey with around 500 participants in July 2023 to create more transparency on current compensation packages in product management.

Our PDF Salary Report contains insights into product management compensation based on job titles, number of direct reports, years of work experience, gender and more. The report also contains a deep dive into the three most represented countries in the survey: Switzerland, Germany and UK.

Is our report perfect? Hell, no. We do hope, however, that it will provide you with some actionable insights and a better basis
for your next job search or hiring decisions. Enjoy!



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