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Sofia Helfer Carvalho

Product Manager at Online Doctor (Zurich)

Sofia is an enthusiastic product owner who wants to add value to the world by building the right things. Her work experience gave her a handful of tools to deal with different and new challenges. She is also always willing to learn more. Furthermore, likes to make decisions based on evidence, which fits her engineering and management background. Sofia is a social, curious and determined person. Some of her personal traits are spontaneity, empathy, courage and harmony. Recently she fell in love with Yoga Ashtanga and practices it almost every single day. Besides this she also is passionate about readying, cooking, sewing and gardening.


Nina Maurer

Digital Product Manager B2B at On (Zurich)

After studying (physical) product design and business Nina bootstrapped a software company targeting physical retailers. After a few years she moved to Zürich where she currently invests all her passion for simple (digital) products at On which is currently the fastest growing sport brand. She has lived on three continents and has a passion for understanding and connecting people.


Tanja Lau

Founder of Product Academy

After launching and scaling several start-ups in Madrid, Munich and Zurich, Tanja is running Product Academy as part-time CEO. Her main goal is to accelerate her students' learning curve and help companies on their way to becoming learning organizations. Thanks to her amazing crew of trainers, mentors and coaches she still gets to spend a lot of quality time with her two toddlers.


Agnes Pakozdi

Product Management, Business Analysis and BI

Agnes is passionate about connecting IT/Data with Business, supporting companies solving their challenges regarding product management, business intelligence and digitalisation. Agnes's diverse background makes her a creative professional who strongly focuses on the needs of the clients/users'. With her positive, encouraging and curious personality she inspires people around her while she creates a safe and open environment where teams can grow and thrive. Agnes believes in life long learning, therefore she is always ready to learn something new and share her knowledge with people around her.


Petriina Piuhola

Product Manager at KTM (Salzburg)

Petriina is a passionate product manager with experience in launching and growing customer-facing digital products in both startups and corporations. Her journey has taken her from Helsinki across Europe all the way to San Francisco and back to Salzburg, where she now leads product initiatives at KTM. When not in the office she is likely unreachable in the mountains, on her motorcycle or the yoga mat.