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About the Events

On this page you are going to find both free and paid events. Some of them are organized pro-bono for other product organizations we are involved in.

Public Workshops.

Our trainers are offering condensed hands-on workshops that will enable you to solve your day-to-day challenges as product manager and product leader. Join our classes and connect with like-minded product people in Switzerland!

Women in Product.

Tanja is leading the Swiss chapter of the global initiative “Women In Product” founded in Silicon Valley. Women In Product is a non-profit organization passionate about product management, aiming to build a strong community of women builders and leaders in the tech industry. The events are free of charge. Feel free to join our community!

Product Tanks.

The ProductTanks Bern and Zurich are part of the global network of Mind The Product. Together with her fellow organizers, Product Academy founder Tanja is organizing inspiring events with international product leaders. The events are offered for free. We would be thrilled to meet you there!