Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation

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15 Oct

Rapid Prototyping & Experimentation

October 15 @ 13:00 - 16:30

You have a pretty good idea of the main user problems you want to tackle but you’re not sure what’s the best solution to build? From solution brainstorming to rapid collaborative prototyping and to testing and validating your solutions, this workshop will teach you how to prototype and test ideas in order to find product market fit.


Who is it for?

  • This workshop is for you if you are working in product management, UX or tech and would like to find cheap ways to test your new ideas.


What We Will Achieve & Practise

  • Generate solutions ideas  
  • Articulate clear and actionable product hypothesis and assumptions
  • Run rapid collaborative prototyping sessions
  • Chose and run the best lean experiments in order to validate or invalidate the solution quickly and in a less costly manner
  • Analyse the results and take the best decisions for your product
  • Get inspired by examples of out of the box lean experiments


Individual Follow-up Coaching Option

To maximize the value of this course for your organization, we offer an additional follow-up coaching (60 minutes, remote) just for you or your team a couple of weeks after the course. That way, you get to ask all the questions that might have popped up once you tried implementing what you learned in this course. We are going to contact you to set the specific date for your individual follow-up.

The follow-up coaching is available for CHF 350 and includes 30 minutes of preparation for your specific questions or documents (sent upfront) and 60 minutes of remote coaching via video call for you or your entire product team.

You can book the Follow-up Coaching Option in our booking form once you proceed to the checkout.



All participants will receive a Product Academy Certificate for this course.  



CHF 450

For team discounts and in-house options, feel free to get in touch. 


Course Language

This workshop will be held in English.


Class Trainer

Alexandra Lung

Consultant Senior Product Manager at Pivotal Labs, Paris. 


With a background in both business & product and engineering, Alexandra has previously held positions in product management, marketing, communication and consulting in new business & product launch. She is passionate about building products that achieve true impact. Alexandra is a digital transformation enabler and through coaching, teaching, workshops and meeting facilitation, she provides individuals and teams with new tools to meaningfully improve their work and their organization as a whole. She loves solving complex problems, answering the why with qualitative/quantitative data and helping clients who are looking to build successful products quickly.


Event Details

Date: October 15 @ 13:00 - 16:30
Time: 13:00 - 16:30
Venue Zurich
Address: Grütlistrasse 18, Zurich-Enge
Organizer Name: Product Academy


15 available
Regular TicketCHF450.00