The Anatomy of Influence

with Stephanie Judd (Wolf & Heron)
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05 Dec

The Anatomy of Influence

December 5 @ 13:30 - 15:30
CHF320 – CHF350
In this session, we explore the anatomy of influence, and pull it apart into power and pathways that contribute to an individual’s influence effectiveness. Power is what we come to the influencer’s table with; it’s the support system that sets us up as influential (or not) from the start. Pathway is the specific approach that we take once we know our influence objective and target. Participants complete a personal diagnostic to establish an influence baseline and uncover areas where intentional focus could increase personal influence without a change in title or authority.



Who is it for?

  • Product Managers at all levels of the management hierarchy interested in being more influential from exactly where they are.
  • People who are looking for ways to be more inspirational to the people they work with.

Key Take-aways

  • There are 9 influence power sources and 10 influence pathways.
  • We can all work on building our influence power sources starting today.
  • Your strengths and opportunities in how you might influence others.


What We Will Achieve

  • Discover the 9 influence power sources that you can build starting today.
  • Understand the 10 influence pathways, and the situations in which each pathway is particularly effective or ineffective.
  • Discuss influence in multiple contexts: inspiring your team, influencing your manager, building your professional influence outside of your organization
  • Identify your strongest power sources and pathway strategies.
  • Develop an action plan for further developing your influence power and skillset.


Hands-on Exercise

  • Group exploration and discussion of the power sources and pathways.
  • Personal diagnostic to evaluate your own influence effectiveness.
  • Interactive action-planning and accountability setting.


Individual Follow-up Coaching Option

To maximize the value of this course for your organization, we offer an additional follow-up coaching (60 minutes, remote) just for you or your team a couple of weeks after the course. That way, you get to ask all the questions that might have popped up once you tried implementing what you learned in this course. We are going to contact you to set the specific date for your individual follow-up.

The follow-up coaching is available for CHF 350 and includes 30 minutes of preparation for your specific questions or documents (sent upfront) and 60 minutes of remote coaching via video call for you or your entire product team.

You can book the Follow-up Coaching Option in our booking form before proceeding to the checkout.



All participants will receive a Product Academy Certificate for this course.  



CHF 350

For team discounts and in-house options, feel free to get in touch. 



The workshop includes a coffee break with snacks.


Course Language

This workshop will be held in English.


Class Trainer

Stephanie Judd

Founder of Wolf & Heron in Colorado, US.


Stephanie is a founder of Wolf & Heron, a firm that helps people and organizations increase their influence. Her perspective on influence draws from a wide range of fields including social science, psychology, behavioral economics, environmental behavior change, and organizational culture. Stephanie has over a decade of experience driving change in organizations as varied as Fortune 500 Corporations, growth-phase startups, international franchise organizations, and even the Rwandan health system.



Event Details

Date: December 5 @ 13:30 - 15:30
Time: 13:30 - 15:30
Venue Zurich
Address: Grütlistrasse 18, Zurich-Enge
Organizer Name: Product Academy


7 available
Regular TicketCHF350.00
7 available
Early Bird TicketCHF320.00
7 available
Individual Follow-up CoachingCHF350.00in addition to your workshop ticket (includes 60 minutes of remote coaching as well as 30 minutes of preparation time for your individual case)