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Jobs-to-be-Done in Practice

Jobs-to-be-Done in Practice


Philipp Krehl


Product Discovery

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This workshop made the transition from theoretical knowledge to its application in practice seem easier than ever before!


Philipp provided valuable insights and tips on why, when and how to do JTBD interviews in practice. I really liked the interactivity of the workshop and the opportunity to conduct interviews and get feedback right away.

The training is designed to help you understand the theory of jobs-to-be-done in a simple way and to then apply this knowledge directly in practical exercises. Among other things, you will learn why the customer’s progress is the most important idea behind JTBD. How can you capture the idea of customer progress and how should you run customer interviews which lead to insights that will shape your product? Furthermore, you will learn how to discover what prevents people from using new products and how to deal with it. All these actions will enable you to create a great value proposition that attracts customers and forms the basis for your product success.

Who is it for?

Everyone who is actively involved in designing & building products and wants to ensure that their products meet real customer needs.

Key Take-aways

  • Why the customer’s progress is the most important idea behind JTBD
  • How to discover what progress means from the customer’s point of view
  • How to identify the various forces that can prevent customers from using your product or attract them to use it?
  • How to create a persuasive value proposition that attracts customers without writing a single line of code

Where and when?

The next course date has not been set yet. Please contact us in case you are interested!
The 4h course takes place remotely via zoom and includes interactive elements.


In-house Training

This course is available as in-house training for up to 20 people upon request - online or in person. Please contact us for more information.

Our Main Teachers

Philipp Krehl

Principal PM at Zalando

Philipp is a passionate Product Manager by profession with a strong product sense and a penchant for human-centered product development. Currently, he is working as Senior Product Manager at Zalando SE, where he drives new product development starting from product discovery to implementation and scaling. Prior to Zalando, Philipp worked as Product Manager for Lovoo, […]

Price : 490 CHF

Max Availability : 12

Difficulty : Beginner Intermediate

Location : online